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Street animals feeding with in the colonies of board members and extended to surrounding areas, metro-parking, garbage dumping yards, and far off locations such as industrial areas and archaeological locations etc become daily routing program 365 days, AASRA  through its board members, appointed staff, volunteers etc able reach around 600 per day animals at the cost of 15 lakhs per annum.

ABC operation of 90% of 600 dogs through, Blue cross, GHMC and also through private vet hospitals.

ARV a vacation drive achievement of 98% of all 600 dogs in regular basis and extended to other district such as Badrachalam.

Actively involved with Animal Husbandry department carrying out their extended outreach program and participated in many workshops organised by it.


AASRA able to extend Ambulance service with support of others philanthropist to cater to needs of accident dogs in its limited coverage areas and extended to other areas in only spl cases which are supported by our own net work of volunteers. This service enables us to reach on average of 3 to 5 cases per day.

AASRA raised voice to voice less in many forums to address the issues of illegal trade of animals, violence against the animals, implement laws for safety of the animals etc.


Accident paralysed animals, sick and aged dogs are provided inboard care in our own shelter Home located in Borampet, Ranga Reddy District which caters needs of 90 dogs and some specialized cases are given in board members houses, known animals lovers and in other NGOS shelter home who have the infrastructure to handle the cases. total of 25 such cases taken care.

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